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Pajaro Valley and Student Assistance, Inc. offers a wide range of education programs and training opportunities for parents, teachers, and community members.


Parents of youth who receive services through any of our programs can participate in parenting workshops. The program is delivered in either five or seven weekly sessions specifically designed to strengthen parents’ family management skills, parent–child bonding, and youth peer-resistance skills. Youth are required to attend the sessions.  

Areas of focus include:

- Identifying risk factors for adolescent substance use and creating strategies to help parents guide their children in decision making and peer pressure situations

- Developing effective parenting skills, particularly those regarding substance use issues

- Managing anger and family conflict

- Providing opportunities for positive child involvement in family activities

Referrals can be made by contacting Adriana Mata at 831-728-6445 or via email at


The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is a theory-based and evidence-informed educational resource created by educators and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of tobacco and nicotine products

Goals of the toolkit are:

  1. For students to understand basic information about tobacco products, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, and the harm they cause

  2. For students to gain awareness of strategies manufacturers of tobacco, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, employ to increase use among adolescents through deceptive and creative marketing strategies

  3. For students to gain skills to refuse experimentation and use of tobacco

  4. For school, teachers, and administrators to be able to develop and set new school policies

Referrals can be made by contacting Marisol Maciel at 831-728-6445 Ext. 337 or via email at


Project EX is a school-based, tobacco-use cessation program for youth. The program is delivered in a clinic setting, and involves enjoyable, motivating activities. At the completion of the program, youth will be able to:


1.    Stop or reduce cigarette smoking

2.    State accurate information about environmental, social physiological, and emotional consequences of tobacco use

Students participating in Project EX will learn accurate knowledge of tobacco addiction and disease and develop an empathetic understanding of the effects of tobacco use on friends. The 8-session curriculum is delivered over a 6-week period. It emphasizes coping with stress, dealing with nicotine withdrawal, relaxation techniques, and how to avoid relapse. It aims to teach self-control, anger management, mood management, and goal setting techniques, and it provides self-esteem enhancement. Referrals can be made by contacting Marisol Maciel at 831-728-6445 Ext. 337 or via email at


PVPSA provides presentation teams and materials for many different topics including, but not limited to agency services and community resources, youth violence prevention, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, and bullying prevention. Some costs may apply. For questions or to schedule a presentation, contact Adriana Mata at

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