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PVPSA has advocated for healthy communities since our inception. We work in conjunction with City and County policy makers to consider, define, and implement local policy, which improves the health and well-being of our community members. Additionally, we work with local businesses to develop and put in place voluntary policies designed to protect employees, consumers and residents.  


PVPSA is widely known for our tobacco policy work. We have successfully collaborated with the City of Watsonville and Pajaro Valley Unified School District to promote and designate Smoke Free City Parks. We have also partnered locally with the County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency and the Santa Cruz Tobacco Education Coalition to support the implementation of a Tobacco Retail License requirement for businesses that sell tobacco products in the City of Watsonville. The Tobacco Retail License has made a positive impact in the city by reducing the illegal sales of tobacco products to minors in our local stores. PVPSA collaborated with the City of Watsonville in their efforts to ban flavored tobacco products, e-cigarettes within city limits and tobacco products from pharmacies. PVPSA also has a history of collaborating with regional partners in San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties to support and achieve their goals related to tobacco use and prevention education. Referrals can be made by  contacting 831-728-6445 or via email at CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TUPE PROGRAM!


As a member of the Santa Cruz Community Prevention Partners (CPP), PVPSA provides additional support for safe communities by increasing community awareness of alcohol and cannabis-related health implications. Through CPP, PVPSA, seeks to reduce youth access to alcohol, cannabis and other drugs by encouraging civic leaders to reduce the number of stores and dispensaries that sell alcohol, cannabis and to provide for local monitoring of these alcohol and cannabis retail outlets. Referrals can be made by  contacting 831-728-6445 or via email at


PVPSA is committed to providing equitable and culturally relevant services. The Promotoras de Salud or Community Health Advocate program provides outreach and information to community members and engages community members to advocate for themselves and their neighbors on issues of public health and safety concern: reducing alcohol sales to minors, access to cannabis, exposure to second-hand smoke and tobacco, availability of tobacco products, especially those products targeting youth. Referrals can be made by  contacting 831-728-6445 or via email at


The Empower Watsonville Youth Leadership program was created to serve youth who share the desire to make an impact in their community through public health initiatives. It was envisioned as part of the Tobacco Use Prevention and Education program. Youth who join focus on the topic of tobacco prevention and more. One major feature is that Empower Youth plan the Empower Watsonville Youth Leadership Conference, where they choose all the speakers and promote the conference. In addition, Empower Watsonville is a community of passionate youth who support each other and build each other up.  For questions on how to apply to become an Empower Youth member, contact Referrals can be made by  contacting 831-728-6445 or via email at

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