Restorative justice programs emphasize repairing the harm caused by student misbehavior and/or crime. These strengths based and goal aligned programs are led by collaborative teams made up of family members, mentors, educators, mental health counselors, law enforcement, and other supportive resources from a youth’s life.  Redirection away from the criminal justice system and healing of the offender, the victim and/or the community are the overarching goals of these programs.


The Caminos Hacia el Exito diversion program is a collaboration with the Watsonville Police Department. This program serves youth ages 10-17 that have been cited for first-time misdemeanor offenses. Participants can clear their offense by participating in service-learning activities and pro-social engagement to redirect them with positive alternatives and hold them accountable for their actions. Case management, counseling, parenting support services are part of the individualized treatment plan. For program questions Adriana Mata at 831-728-6445 Ext. 343 or via email at


The Community Reclaiming Youth Justice program is a partnership with the Santa Cruz County Juvenile Probation Department. This diversion program serves youth 12-18 and seeks to effectively move the reduction of race and ethnic disparities by diverting Latino/a youth from contact into the juvenile justice system.  Serving Latino/a Watsonville/Freedom youth. Referrals can be made by contacting Adriana Mata at 728-6445 ext. 343 or via email at

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