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PVPSA's Youth Prevention Programs are collaborations between PVPSA, local community organizations and national programs that work to bring youth from self-destruction to self-esteem by treating primary mental health issues which addresses the underlying causes of high-risk behavior.


The VALOR program is a collaboration between the PVUSD Student Services Department and PVPSA whose primary purpose is to prevent school dropout by supporting youth in completing their requirements remain enrolled in their school of residence. Our team of case managers is available to support all students who could benefit from support, inclusive of home visitation,  and support for ongoing school engagement and attendance. Students and family develop an individualized support plan that includes individual case management, counseling services, parenting support and prosocial engagement. For information, please call Adriana Mata at 831-722-2416 or


The goal of this program is to reduce youth tobacco use and youth cannabis use by empowering students in grades 6-12 to make healthful decisions through tobacco-preventative instruction, interventions, and reinforcement activities. This goal is met through a series of tobacco/vaping prevention education instruction offered to any elementary, middle or high school class as desired by educators.  Classroom, parent and PVUSD staff presentations are also available.  Teachers and PVUSD staff can reach out to arrange classroom education sessions. For more information, contact Tiffany Brelland at or Sofia Ramirez at, or call 831-722-2416.


The YESS program is a partnership with the City of Watsonville Parks and Recreation Department.  The focus is on providing youth and their families support to reach success and a healthy socio-emotional balance. Participants will participate in pro-social activities, fieldtrips and have access to all events in the youth center.  A dedicated case manager provides case management and youth engagement activities for youth attending the parks services at the Gene Hoularis & Waldo Rodriguez recreation facility. Youth ages 6-22 are welcome to participate and pre-registration is required. For more information, please contact Adriana Mata at 831-728-2416 or


The Youth Reclaiming Voice and Power is a project to increase substance use prevention policy change and increase youth civic engagement in the greater Pajaro Valley. This program works upstream to prevent substance use and promote youth health and wellbeing. Youth will engage more purposefully in shaping policies that support this outcome. This project is supported by Elevate Youth California, which is managed by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation under contract with the State of California’s Department of Health Care Services through Proposition 64, California Cannabis Tax Fund, Allocation 3, Youth Education Prevention Early Intervention and Treatment Account. For program questions please contact Crystal Cerda at 831-728-6445 or via email at


The TYC program provides Santa Cruz City Schools with an avenue to support youth wellbeing, connect to school and community, and to reduce disciplinary incidents. Through a trauma-informed culturally and developmentally responsive model this program supports student’s academic, social, and emotional wellness. Middle and high school students (ages 12-18) qualify for this FREE program. Students referred must attend a Santa Cruz City School. For more information, contact Tiffany Brelland via email at

Three pathways provide services for all levels of need:

  • Pathway 1: Prevention - 8 weeks - Stanford Cannabis Toolkit and Invincible Youth interactive activities.

  • Pathway 2: Intervention- The Seven Challenges substance use program and Invincible Youth designed to motivate youth to evaluate their lives, consider the changes they wish to make and succeed in achieving goals.

  • Pathway 3: Cessation- 8 sessions of Project EX, a smoking and vaping cessation program.

Informational materials: Program Brief; Informational Flyer

Informational Video 1 (English) 

Informational Video 1 (Spanish)

Informational Video 2 (English)

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